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2 . 2022

Commitment of citizens when making an appointment with a doctor in the conditions of health informatization


Making an appointment with a doctor online is deservedly among the most popular remote services in today’s conditions. Monitoring the quality of an appointment with a doctor and identifying problems encountered by medical organizations in this regard is a priority task facing the Ministry of Health of Russia in the context of health informatization. By 2024, the share of doctor’s appointments made remotely should be 63%. The article presents the results of a study on the achieved values of this indicator in Moscow polyclinics, and also analyzes the preferences of citizens when making an appointment with a doctor.

Keywords:doctor’s appointment; recording channel; remote recording; medical organizations; healthcare informatization; Unified Medical Information and Analytical System

Funding. The study had no sponsor support.

Conflict of interest. The authors declare no conflict of interest.

Contribution. Development of the concept, formation of the idea, formulation of key goals and objectives, collection and processing of material, writing and editing the text – Elbek Yu.V.; preparation of statistical data for analysis and interpretation – Nefyodov R.D.

For citation: Elbek Yu.V., Nefyodov R.D. Commitment of citizens when making an appointment with a doctor in the conditions of health informatization. ORGZDRAV: novosti, mneniya, obuchenie. Vestnik VSHOUZ [HEALTHCARE MANAGEMENT: News, Views, Education. Bulletin of VSHOUZ]. 2022; 8 (2): 146–53. DOI: (in Russian)


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Guzel E. Ulumbekova
MD, MBA from Harvard University (Boston, USA), Head of the Graduate School of Healthcare Organization and Management (VSHOUZ)
Medicine today

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