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№ 4 . 2018
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Congress of the All-Russia People’s Front: "Don't wait for change. Create it"


Visiting session in regards to drug provision problems

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Proposals of the Russian Academy of Sciences and VSHOUZ to finalize the federal project "Older generation"


In the decree of the President of the Russian Federation from May 7, 2018 N 204 "On the national goals and strategic objectives development of the Russian Federation till the year 2024" is defined to ensure the achievement of 4 sectoral objectives and 12 indicators in the healthcare system [presented in the previous issue of the journal N 3 (2018), P. 5-6]. This article presents an analysis and proposals for the improvement of the Federal project "Older generation", which is included in the National project "Demography". The author analyzes the general position, goals and objectives of the project, as well as its resource provision (financing). Next, there are analysis and proposals for a systematic approach in the development and implementation of the project. The article also proposes indicators and their target values for monitoring the implementation of the project according to the worldwide standards (OECD), here are formed proposals for the formation of long-term system care based on international experience.

Russia's demographic challenge: rational decisions and public health preparedness


The current demographic situation in the Russian Federation is characterized by a negative natural increase, from 2018 no Longer compensated by a positive balance of external migration. The solution to this problem is indicated in the May decree of the President of the Russian Federation as the most important national goal. The article discusses the main directions of possible impacts with an estimate of the intended demographic effect. Increased fertility is recognized as the most promising direction. An example of a clinical and economic analysis with the calculation of the economic efficiency of one of the local clinical problems. The author's interpretation of the method of calculating the cost of a child's life at birth is proposed. The main conclusion of the work is that management decisions in the field of health and demography should be made only after a scientific substantiation of their relative effectiveness. Some aspects of the current state of public health that impede such an approach are discussed.

Approaches to the formation of the concept of National pharmaceutical policy. Part I. Analysis of the pharmaceutical market in the Russian Federation


In the Russian Federation, recent years have been achieved positive changes in the drug circulation, thanks to the state policy. Nevertheless, for the formation of the National drug policy requires a detailed analysis of the population pharmaceutical supply in the Russian Federation, which this article presents. The authors arranged all pharmaceutical expenditures (public and private) and according to their conditions (inpatient and outpatient). The article also compares the pharmaceutical expenditures in the Russian Federation and the EU in outpatient settings. The state programs of drug provision of the Russian population were analyzed and categorized. The structure of pharmaceutical sales was analyzed in the different sectors by ATC-groups, prescription and belonging to the vital and essential medicines. The article presents the structure of consumption of generics and original medicines, drugs produced in the Russian Federation and imported. In conclusion, the article contains the summary and proposals that need during the formation of the National drug policy in the Russian Federation.

Effective management

Organization of specialized medical care for children population of the Ivanovo Region


In the Ivanovo Region, a three-level system for the provision of medical care to children has been formed. The first level is the central regional hospitals, the second level is the interregional district centers, the third level is the Oblast Ivanovo Regional Clinical Hospital and the Regional Children's Clinical Hospital. On the basis of the Municipal Educational Institution of the Ivanovo Regional Clinical Hospital, structural subdivisions for the most significant nosologies have been formed - the School of Diabetes, the Department of Diagnostics of Newborn Retinopathy, Audiology Center. The alignment of the three-level system of medical care and the creation of highly specialized structural units make it possible to increase the availability of medical care.

Guzel E. Ulumbekova
MD, MBA from Harvard University (Boston, USA), Head of the Graduate School of Healthcare Organization and Management (VSHOUZ)
Medicine today

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