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№ 2 . 2019
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St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2019

Actually today

Mortality and life expectancy in Russia for half a century


Russia having approached the indicators of life expectancy of developed countries in the early 1960s again began to be lagging behind them. The longterm adverse mortality trends, exacerbated by the crisis of the 1990s, along with a significant increase in life expectancy at birth in the western and some eastern countries led to a new huge gap in life expectancy between Russia and the leading countries. In the early 2000s this gap reached almost 20 years for males and 13 years for females. Since 2004 the situation began to change, and these gaps have somewhat reduced having returned to the level observed in the early 1990s. (12-15 years for males and 7-10 years for females). Their further reduction will require a serious breakthrough in the fight against mortality of adult population, especially that of middle-aged population, where the situation is now the most unfavorable. It is not very clear how the current level of public expenditure on health care (3.6% of GDP in 2016), one of the lowest in the world among industrialized countries, correlates with solving such an ambitious and resourceintensive task as raising the life expectancy of Russians to 78 years by 2024 and up to 80 years by 2030.

Demographic potential: additional aspects


In the article answers to the questions of readers on the previous publication about comparison of different ways of demographic potential realization in the Russian Federation are given. Demographic significance of abortions and measures that are aimed at decrease in their number are discussed in depth. Cost of pregnancy maintenance after pre-abortion counseling has been calculated. Justifications of fertility elevation priority ways are given. Implementation scheme of government policy to raise the fertility Level is proposed. The analysis of progesterone usage comparative effectiveness in Assisted Reproductive Technologies cycles was made.

Effective management

Quality management system implementation, risk control in a multidisciplinary medical organization


The experience of introducing the principles of quality management and a risk-based approach to management in the Vsevolozhsk clinical inter-district hospital showed high efficiency. The involvement of the entire staff of a multidis-ciplinary medical organization in the process of managing the quality and safety of medical activity allows adjusting risks that can lead to disruptions in the process of medical activity and increase customer satisfaction with medical services.

International practice

Overview of global healthcare trends. Part 1


In the article global healthcare problem and possible solutions are specified (redistribution of financing flows, optimization of coordinated actions of health care providers, strengthening medical staff education and fair wage, regional approach to provision of level and capacity of medical care, escalation of preventive measures). Particularly highlighted healthcare delivery problems in the territory of Russian Federation. Public health costs and ways to reduce them are represented. Also proposals for entire public health system optimization and, as a result, total running time of life elevation and public health level as a whole were introduced.

Overview of global healthcare trends. Part 2

VII International conference "ORGZDRAV–2019. Effective health management" (24–25 april 2019, Moscow)

Results of the VII International Conference "ORGZDRAV–2019. Effective Health Management"


Interactive survey results of the participants of the VII International Conference "ORGZDRAV–2019. Effective Health Management". Part 1


Interactive survey results of the participants of the VII International Conference "ORGZDRAV–2019. Effective Health Management". Part 2

Guzel E. Ulumbekova
MD, MBA from Harvard University (Boston, USA), Head of the Graduate School of Healthcare Organization and Management (VSHOUZ)
Medicine today

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