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№ 1 . 2017
Российское здравоохранение в 2017-2018 гг.: неотложные меры. Рейтинги эффективности здравоохранения регионов РФ


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Presidential Council for Strategic Development and Priority Projects meeting

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Healthcare system of Russian Federation: the results of activities in the years 2012-2016. Urgent measures for 2017-2018


The article presents the main things that were done in the healthcare system of the Russian Federation from 2012 to 2016, including: demographic and health indicators, supply of health personnel and hospital beds, the volume of medical care, the regulatory framework of health. The article analyses healthcare financing in the Russian Federation in 2016 and 2017, describes economic conditions and demographic trends in the coming years. It is shown that the medical care of state guarantees and capacity of the health system have decreased in the healthcare system of the Russian Federation in recent years. The author concludes that in 2017-2018 in conditions of decreasing state financing of healthcare, it's necessary to prioritize spending and to implement urgent measures aimed to increase efficiency of using industry resource. This will prevent further reduction in the availability of medical care for the population of the Russian Federation.

Efficiency index on health care at 85 regions of the Russian Federation

The Higher School of Healthcare Organization and Management (VSHOUZ) was developed and made the rating of efficiency of health care systems at 85 regions of the Russian Federation for 2015 year.This rating has shown that most of them can achieve higher values of life expectancy at available financial, personnel and material and technical resources. It is all about management efficiency.
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Reform of the compulsory medical insurance system: time is now five minutes to twelve

The article discusses the relevance and feasibility of the technological implementation of the public request for stop of health insurance companies involvement in compulsory medical insurance system, its basic prerequisites and motives are examined. A pattern of the optimal reform of the compulsory medical insurance system with the restricted role of the health insurance companies is proposed.
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Labor compensation of healthcare workers for 12 months of 2016 year: analysis of a situation


Department of economic work and labor compensation of the office of Russian Federation healthcare workers' labour union was carried out the statistical analysis of the average monthly salary sizes in health care, including among three categories of employees of the healthcare institutions which have developed across the Russian Federation and in a section of her subjects. The analysis of implementation of "road maps" on achievement of the control indicators designated by Decrees of the Russian President from 12.05.2012 on categories of health workers in general and on territorial subjects of the Russian Federation will be carried out in addition according to the final data submitted by Federal State Statistics Service as now estimated indicators of the average monthly income from work which can be corrected by results of additional specification of these indicators are presented.

On payment of labor of medical workers in 2013-2016

Abstract: the article presents the analysis of the medical workers' wages in dynamic from 2013 till 2016 at current and constant (real) prices. It's shown that during this period doctors' salary increased by 20% in current prices, but in constant prices decreased by 12%. However, it grew more rapidly than the average wages in the economy. The author proposes to compare the wages of health workers not only with the average wages in the economy, but to evaluate the base salary on professional qualifying groups or categories.
Ajoint of healthcare and ecology

Organization of preventive measures in the correction of anthropogenic and environmental factors in the development of noncommunicable diseases

The aim of the study was to conduct epidemiological analysis of the medical and environmental situation in industrial ecologically unfavorable regions. The results of screening studies of cardiovascular, broncho-pulmonary, lipid and carbohydrate metabolism among the population are presented. The medical documentation of 38 women and 265 men over the age of 18 years has been studied in medical sciences. The results were processed using mathematical-statistical methods of one-dimensional and multidimensional analysis of the results (regression, one-dimensional, correlation analysis, randomization). A reliable correlation between causal anthropogenic factors and early manifestation of diseases of the cardiovascular system, lungs in different age groups was noted. The results of the study made it possible to personalize the health certificate of each patient. The results of the study made it possible to personalize the health certificate of each patient. Identified modifiable risk factors allow managers of medical organizations and leading specialists in the region to predict the development of certain diseases and develop a model of preventive, dispensary and educational activities in environmentally unfriendly living spaces.
Guzel E. Ulumbekova
MD, MBA from Harvard University (Boston, USA), Head of the Graduate School of Healthcare Organization and Management (VSHOUZ)
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Съезд хирургов ФМБА России " Высокотехнологичная медицинская помощь: концепция безопасности и единого хирургического пространства " 14-15 октября 2022 года, г. Санкт-Петербург Впервые в истории хирургическая безопасность будет изучена столь подробно! Отныне "S afe surgery "...

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