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№ 4 . 2017
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Facts about the healthcare budget of the Russian Federation in 2018-2020

The article analyzes the draft law on state budget (draft law № 274618-7 dated 29.09.2017 "Concerning the Federal budget for 2018 and for the planning period of 2019 and 2020") as well as the healthcare expenditures for 2013-2020 in dynamics and in the context of the main sources of funding and expenditures. It is shown that government spending on healthcare in 2018 comparing to 2017 will grow by 9% in constant prices (i.e. adjusted for inflation). However, in constant prices (2013) the level of funding in 2018 only slightly exceeded the level of funding in 2013.
Effective management

Medical and organizational aspects of the work of consultative diagnostic health center (polyclinic) for children

The article gives a detailed analysis of the causes of queues in polyclinics using the example of the advisory and diagnostic polyclinic of the Regional Clinical Hospital in Ivanovo. Proposals on the patient flow management are presented. Not only an internal process management but also external factors (federal and regional regulations) affect the queues in polyclinics. Therefore waiting times reduction efforts should be conducted on all levels.

Who needs unnecessary expenses in medical organizations?

The work compares the expenses structure of public and private medical organizations. The costs in the MHI system in areas not related to accessibility and quality of care have been estimated. The conclusion is made about the need to drastically change the approaches to the management of the healthcare industry and ensure the proper level of competence of the organizers of public health at various levels.

Analysis of the medical and economic efficiency of the prophylactic examination of the Russian population and its prospects

The article presents a detailed analysis of medical and economic effectiveness of the periodic examinations in the Russian Federation, and its prospects are also described. Here are set out the Ministry of health experts' assessment of the periodic examination, the general information and its costs in Russia. The special attention is given to the actions that should be done by the Ministry of health to improve the effectiveness of periodic examinations procedure. These actions include: the cancellation of Orders of periodic examination and relates report forms for the next two years, the analysis of the surveys within the examination and avoidance of unnecessary diagnostic tests, the review of the relationship between the content and volume of examination in connection with the funding opportunities, the establishment of a working group to create a scientifically based program of examination.
Became painful

Emotional burnout among doctors

The probLem of emotionaL burnout of doctors based on the three-factor modeL (emotionaL exhaustion, depersonaLization, reduction of professionaL achievements) is anaLyzed. The risk factors, symptoms of burnout, its vicious circLe are described and the probLem of burnout of medicaL students is discussed. The finaL part of the articLe is devoted to the prevention of burnout.

Corporate moral in medical society


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Guzel E. Ulumbekova
MD, MBA from Harvard University (Boston, USA), Head of the Graduate School of Healthcare Organization and Management (VSHOUZ)

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