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1 . 2023

Public-private partnership: guarantees, benefits, risks


This article touches upon a number of issues on the created and unresolved Legal mechanisms and the conditions for their implementation when attracting investments in the economy of the Russian Federation, within the framework of a public-private partnership (РРР), which contribute to improving the quality of goods, works, services provided to consumers in the medical services market.

The implementation of concession agreements directly affects the achievement of national development goals defined by the May and June decrees of the President of Russia, the goals of the national Healthcare project and its constituent federal projects.

The authors have created the preconditions for a possible partnership between the public and private health sectors in the field of health care in the implementation and use of the most effective ways of the unique resources of the private sector to strengthen the capacity and sustainability of the health care system.

Potential risks hindering mutually beneficial relations between public and private PPP partners: lack of return on investment and a long payback period for the project's investments, scanty volumes of medical care for compulsory health insurance brought to a medical organization, an increase in operating costs at the stages of project implementation, bankruptcy of a private partner, an increase in the cost of services , the lack of control over the facility being created or reconstructed, or the non-recoupment of the compulsory medical insurance tariff to cover the costs incurred.

Taking into account the formed legal environment, the solution of these issues should be accompanied by the prompt introduction of the necessary changes to the legislation.

Keywords:public-private partnership (РРР); potential risks; public and private partners of the РРР; implementation mechanism; concession agreement

Funding. The study had no sponsor support.

Conflict of interest. The authors declare no conflict of interest.

For citation: Akhokhova A.V., Tkhabisimova I.K., Dudarova I.Kh., Airapetian A.A., Gaboeva Z.R. Public-private partnership: guarantees, benefits, risks. ORGZDRAV: novosti, mneniya, obuchenie. Vestnik VSHOUZ [HEALTHCARE MANAGEMENT: News, Views, Education. Bulletin of VSHOUZ]. 2023; 9 (1): 57-65. DOI: (in Russian)


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Guzel E. Ulumbekova
MD, MBA from Harvard University (Boston, USA), Head of the Graduate School of Healthcare Organization and Management (VSHOUZ)

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