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№ 3 . 2020
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The major points of the Russian healthcare system reform

International practice

Cardiovascular diseases in Central and Eastern Europe: a call for more surveillance and evidence-based health promotion


The paper aims to identify the priorities for cardiovascular health promotion research in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), the region with the highest cardiovascular diseases (CVD) burden in the world.

Methods. This narrative review covered peer-reviewed publications and online databases using a nonsystematic purposive approach.

Results. In despite of a steady decrease in CVD burden in the region, the East-West disparities are still significant. There is minimal continuity in the past and current CVD prevention efforts in the region. Many challenges still exist, including an opportunity gap in research funding, surveillance and population-based preventive interventions. A comprehensive approach focusing on multisectoral cooperation, quality and accessibility of healthcare and equity-oriented public policies and supported by well-designed epidemiologic studies is needed to overcome these challenges.

Conclusion. The current level of effort is not adequate to address the magnitude of the CVD epidemic in CEE. It is imperative to strengthen the epidemiological base concerning cardiovascular health in the region, to foster surveillance and progress in implementation of CVD preventive strategies in the most affected populations of Europe.

Actually today

How much a next attempt is to change the payment system for medical workers


The authors actualized and statistically substantiated the main problems of the system of remuneration of medical workers, consisting in a significant spread in the sizes of official salaries both between the subjects of the Russian Federation and within the same territory between medical organizations, and a Low share of official salaries in the structure of wages. The financial need was calculated to bring salaries of health workers up to 55% in the structure of wages. The proposals on improving the system of remuneration of medical workers are formulated.

Legal advice

Subtleties of expertise


The article explores the active role of legal counsel in carrying out expert examination in criminal cases that involve criminal prosecution of medical organizations and workers. It illuminates the questions that come up in each step of the process: details of appointment, carrying out expert examination, and familiarizing with the expert's conclusion. The author deals with the topic of assessing the expert's conclusion, both from a procedural point of view, and from the point of view of special knowledge. The most common mistakes in expert opinions are also discussed.

VIII International online congress "ORGZDRAV-2020. Effective Healthcare Management" (May 25–26, 2020)

Abstracts of the VIII International online congress "ORGZDRAV-2020. Effective Healthcare Management" (May 25–26, 2020)

Guzel E. Ulumbekova
MD, MBA from Harvard University (Boston, USA), Head of the Graduate School of Healthcare Organization and Management (VSHOUZ)
Medicine today

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